WLRC 2019-20

by Team Just Add Logic

Coaches: Sakthi Narayanan Govindarajan | Suganya Sakthi

Invitational Round - Final Mission

Part 1 - The effort to reach the Lost Realm has left Dash without power. The team needs to charge Dash up enough to explore the Lost Realm and make it back home in time for dinner.

Part 2 - JP acccidentally trips over a lever that activates a huge booby trap. It's up to the team to disable the booby trap by building an attachment that can get a ball to the deactivation spot, which is in the other side of the trap, before Dash's battery timer goes off.

WLRC 2019-20 Just Add Logic Team Journal.pdf

Mission Statements


Selection Round - Missions 1 through 5

Mission 1 - Robot Rescue

The Junk Lord wants to give JP a reward for driving their team to victory in the Creek Cart Race last week. So he is letting JP choose one item from the Junk Pile to keep. That’s when Craig, Kelsey, and JP discover a little blue robot that clearly does not belong in the Junk Pile. The robot is wearing a very tall hat. What would it be like to have a robot buddy? And JP really wants that hat!

Mission 2 - The Snack Thief

It’s time to stop by the Trading Tree to stock up on supplies for the journey. But there’s a problem! Kit, who runs the Trading Tree, tells the group that a mysterious animal has been raiding the snacks at night. Maybe by understanding the animal, your team can keep it from stealing all the snacks!

Mission 3 - Cardboard City

The kids' route takes them to Cardboard City, which they find on the verge of chaos. Zoe, leader of the city, tells them that former resident—and current nemesis—Carter Brown has returned with a new cardboard mech suit (a large mobile robot suit) and wants to destroy Cardboard City!

Craig, Dash, and team need to stop Carter's mech before it does any damage to the city!

Mission 4 - The Bridge

The team has nearly reached the Lost Realm’s coordinates. But then they come across a deep part of the creek with no way across! Craig pulls out his notebook and begins sketching. “There’s only one way we’re getting across,” he says. “We’re building a bridge.”

Dash is pretty nervous about the plan. Robots and creek water don’t mix. It looks like Dash is going to need some special encouragement.

Mission 5 - The Lost Gate

The team can finally see the entrance to the Lost Realm. But there are two remaining obstacles.

1) The Pillar Maze: the team will need to move maze pillars around to create a path to the entrance.

2) The Lost Gate: a formidable barrier that is blocking the entrance to the Lost Realm.

You’ll have to summon all of your team’s ingenuity to open it.