About Us

Our Mission

Empower kids in the field of STEM. We strongly believe that for every problem in this world, there is a solution if we "Just Add Logic"!!!

Meet the Team!

Hi! I’m Akshita Sakthi, and I’m a 7th grader from Boulan Park Middle School, Troy, Michigan. This is my second year participating in FTC, but I have also participated in other robotics competitions. I like to play violin, write, skate, and listen to music. Robotics is a thing that I’m really interested in. Not only building and programming it, but also working with my peers to achieve stuff. I have learned a lot from my coaches, my friends, and FTC in general, and I definitely want to learn more!

My name is Geethakshita, I am 12 years old and I go to Boulan Park Middle School. I love to dance, play the violin, and draw. This is my second year in FTC but I have also participated in WLRC for 5 years and I have experience in programming and building robots. I joined FTC to explore more things such as how sensors detect things and how to train them.

I am Laasya Chindam, a 7th grader at Boulan Park Middle School. This is my 2nd year participating in FTC. I love to draw, read and play chess. I joined robotics because I had a great experience last year, where there was a lot of trial and error, pushing us to not give up. I like working as a team, learning new things, building, and learning more about programming. I think the idea of building, programming and driving the robot is really fascinating, so I wanted to learn more this year.

My name is Hedhana Haribabu. I really like to play violin and sing. I’ve always been passionate about astronomy and modern technology. I joined robotics because I always wanted to build a robot. I have experience with programming but I’ve never built a robot from scratch. I wanted to experience what it was like to design a robot from scratch, build it, and program it.

Hi!! My name is Gargi Mahajan and I am a 12 year old Boulan Bronco ! I love playing music and singing ! It’s one of my hobbies ! I joined robotics because I wanted to get to know modern technology a bit more and how to use it !!

Hi! I am Rimsha Hameed! I am very interested in robotics and I like to collaborate with my friends.

Interests - I enjoy building and coding things.

I joined robotics because I wanted to learn how to build, design, and program a robot because robots are very cool.

Hi! I’m Silvianeha Mallavarapu! I’m in 6th grade at Boulan Park Middle School and my hobbies are playing piano,I love to read fantasy fiction and I enjoy playing tennis.I joined robotics because I have the interest to learn how robots work and I wanted to learn how to program robots.